Lincoln always strives to include features in their latest models that will provide drivers with safety, convenience, and comfort. When it comes to the current lineup of Lincoln vehicles, some great features are being received well by the community. Many of the current models come with an electronic door handle feature. Its purpose is to provide you with access to your vehicle without having to fiddle around with a door handle. Your vehicle will sense that you’re nearby, and it will release the latch for you. There is a similar feature on the inside of the vehicle as well.

When you’re nearing your vehicle, there is a sensor in the front of your car that will tell your car’s computer you’re headed towards the door. When you arrive, you have to move your hand near the door handle for it to become unlatched. You can pull the door open the rest of the way when you’re ready. Once you are inside your vehicle and want to get out, you have a small button on the inside of your door that can be used to unlatch the door. You don’t have to pull a handle on the inside of your vehicle, but you do have an emergency latch on your door if you need to get out of your vehicle in a hurry manually.

If you like the sound of the Lincoln motion-activated door handle, please stop down to Grapevine Lincoln. We’ll show you exactly how this technology works so you can make an educated decision on your next vehicle investment. In addition to the motion-activated door handle, there are several other great features that we can show you. The current lineup of Lincoln vehicles is going to impress you just like they impress us!