The Lincoln Aviator shines on many levels. It has excellent power, and it showcases its elegant style in various ways. One example of how Lincoln has used technology and design innovations to the customers' advantage is the Lincoln Aviator's Advanced VisioBlade Wiper System.

This available system is equipped to give drivers an easy and effective way of keeping their windshields clean, even while traveling during strong and intense storms. They're able to do such an excellent job in part because they're heated, and this can prevent icy buildup both on the blades and the windshield. Since it only takes a few minutes to heat the windshields, de-icing windshields can go a lot faster.

Another reason why these VisioBlades do so well is that they utilize a more advanced way to dispense wiper fluid. Instead of using standard nozzles that are placed in front of the windshield, nozzles are integrated into the wiper blades. This design helps drivers cut down on their wiper fluid use by about 50 percent, making it much less likely that you'll run out of wiper fluid during the next winter storm. What's also great is that you can spray exactly where the fluid is needed - which is where the blade travels.

The benefits of owning a new Lincoln Aviator obviously aren't limited to these wipers. At our dealership, we're pleased to carry several different models that all come with many high-end amenities and conveniences. Please visit us or give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule a test drive.

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