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Social distancing can be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. For some, this means work must be done at home. For others, this puts a damper on going out to concerts or shows. No matter how the pandemic has impacted you, these 5 tips can help keep you productive and active while social distancing.

1. Think Positive

This does not mean eliminating all negative thoughts about the pandemic. This does mean that limiting your exposure to negative news heard on the radio or TV can have a profound impact on your mental health. By simply shutting off the TV or radio background noise, you can free yourself up to focus on more positive things. Watching home videos or reading humorous websites can help block pessimism and depression.

2. Feng Shui

You do not have to learn about spirituality to create a peaceful living space. Although Feng Shui has been known to bring a calming presence to one’s home, merely organizing and cleaning your living space can make you feel better. Cleaning supplies with a few drops of lemon added to them can create a citrus-clean scent to go along with an uncluttered room. This is especially helpful if you work remotely. Having a clean and tidy workspace can relieve and reduce anxiety.

3. Allowing Fresh Air into Your Life

Just because you cannot spend time in large crowds does not mean you have to avoid all fresh air. Depending on where you live, taking a drive in a rural area can feel liberating. Even just opening several windows can create an outdoor atmosphere. Fresh air is good for the skin and can also help us feel connected through nature.

4. Practice Yoga

There are many types of yoga available to practice online. Many streaming videos are free of charge. Depending on what you want, yoga can provide an intense workout for core muscles, or it can be used as a meditative practice that focuses primarily on movement with breath. Unlike jumping jacks or sit-ups, using a yoga video as a guide is usually recommended because the postures can be tricky. Mastering this skill during the pandemic can make it more fun.

5. Keep the Routine

Staying in your pajamas may be tempting, but without a sense of routine, depression is more likely to occur. To stay mentally healthy and productive, setting a regular alarm for the morning can keep you on track. Although working from home may feel like a vacation, a sense of purpose is needed in everyone’s life.

Grapevine Lincoln is Here For You

To keep a sense of purpose and routine in your life, creating a schedule is essential. By following these steps, you can stay healthy, social and fit while managing the pandemic. If you have any questions on how this topic impacts your visit to our Lincoln dealership, contact us today. We are happy to help.