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Lincoln Debuts Model L100 Concept Car

Lincoln Debuts Model L100 Concept CarModel L100 Concept Car from Lincoln Debuts

Recently it was announced that Lincoln was debuting their concept car. It's called the L100. Here's some information about the vehicle.

?Lincoln's new idea for a cat is the L100. It's an electric car as well as autonomous. In other words, it drives itself. The name is a reference to one of Lincoln's oldest cars, going back to the earliest days when the original Model L from 1922. The concept car was revealed at the Pebble Beach exhibits in the summer. It's part of the 100th-anniversary celebration…

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of Ownership

Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of OwnershipVictoria's Electric Vehicle Cost of Ownership calculator can help you determine how much an electric car might cost you to own throughout your lifetime. This tool uses a variety of factors like vehicle size, type, mileage, and fuel cost. You may also input your current insurance rates to see how EVs compare in terms of coverage.
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