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As a key player in the luxury market, Lincoln designs premium passenger vehicles with sophisticated technologies. In addition to having deluxe interiors, 2021 Lincoln models offer a handful of cutting-edge features that could prevent accidents and other incidents on the road.

Highlights of the Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Technology

Appealing to high-end consumers who value safety and reliability, Lincoln offers its patented Co-Pilot360 suite on 2021 models. As the name strongly hints, the Pre-Collision Assist could prevent some accidents involving cars or pedestrians. Using a forward-facing camera and precise radar devices, this innovative technology determines the risk of a crash in real time. If necessary, the P-CA instantly triggers the Automatic Emergency Braking. When you drive a 2021 model from the Lincoln brand, you will also have access to multiple features that could prevent lateral collisions on the road. The Blind Spot Information System identifies any automobiles that enter your blind zones. You might see blinking signals on the exterior side mirrors when the BLIS function comes on.

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Linked to a camera that scans lane markings, the Lane-Keeping System is another driver-assistance technology that's standard on most 2021 Lincoln cars. The L-KS will adjust the stiffness of the steering wheel for a quick recovery on the highway. By dimming and brightening the LED headlights, the Auto High Beam function ensures a safe ride on dark roads. Additionally, the Rear View Camera is another driving aide that's installed on most entry-level 2021 Lincoln models.

The Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Plus suite provides a substantial improvement to the active safety design of 2021 trims. You'll get the Active Park Assist from this high-end suite. Parallel parking will be a breeze with assistance from this innovative technology, which comes with multiple sensors that scan the surroundings. Sending images to the infotainment display, the 360-Degree Camera is another benefit of upgrading to the Co-Pilot360 Plus bundle. You will back up with lots of confidence when the Reverse Brake Assist is active on your 2021 Lincoln vehicle. This braking function is connected to sensors that detect other cars traveling up to 37 mph. With extra cues from the Forward and Reverse Sensing Systems, you'll be aware of potential hazards within 6 feet in any direction. The Adaptive Cruise Control and Evasive Steering Assist are some other top safety features that are optional for 2021 Lincoln cars.

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