Lincoln Electric Vehicles 

Lincoln Electric Vehicles For Sale in Grapevine

Driving a luxurious, elegant, and sophisticated Lincoln is always a great choice. But if you can save fuel and reduce, or even avoid, stops at the gas pump, even better. If saving money while driving an attractive Lincoln sounds appealing, our staff can fill you in on your options for driving an electric Lincoln car. Lincoln now makes three vehicles with hybrid electric powertrains. They're impressive in style, interior design, and performance. As with a gas-powered Lincoln, you have the opportunity to customize your Lincoln and enjoy many benefits as a Lincoln owner.

Which Lincoln models are available in electric?

Lincoln produces three hybrid SUVs:
  • Aviator Grand Touring
  • Aviator Black Label Grand Touring
  • Corsair Grand Touring

The Aviator Grand Touring is a luxury SUV with three rows of seats and a wealth of technology. The Grand Touring comes with all-wheel drive, and it also has substantial towing power. The Black Label Grand Touring is a top-line trim level of the Grand Touring. It is loaded with amenities and has a polished all-black exterior with matching interior accents. The Corsair Grand Touring features a comfortable ride and impressive technology. It also includes many advanced safety aids.

What is the difference between electric, hybrid, and plug-in models?

Hybrid vehicles deliver a higher fuel economy compared to gasoline-powered cars. They use power from an electric motor along with a gas engine for maximum efficiency and power. Plug-in hybrid vehicles use electric power, which is produced through regenerative braking and a battery. Electric cars run only on electricity for power.

How far can Lincoln electric models go?

The Lincoln Aviator will reach up to 21 miles on electric power alone, according to EPA estimates. The Corsair reaches a maximum of 28 miles on electricity.

How long does it take to charge an electric Lincoln car?

Your Lincoln's battery will restore a full charge at home in 10 hours with a 110-volt power outlet. Charging time is reduced to about four hours or less with a 240-volt outlet. You can also charge your Lincoln's battery on the road at charging stations around the United States using a DC fast-charge power outlet.

Do Lincoln electric vehicles have towing capacity?

The Lincoln Corsair has a top tow power rating of 2,000 pounds. The Lincoln Aviator has a higher tow rating of 6,700 pounds when properly equipped.

How can I learn more about Lincoln electric vehicles?

Our dealership has all the details you need on Lincoln's electric cars. Contact us for more information today.