Lincoln Hybrids  

Lincoln has three hybrid models: the Aviator Grand Touring, the Aviator Black Label Grand Touring, and the Corsair Grand Touring. All three hybrid vehicles belong to the general Grand Touring family. They share some common features, including getting up to nearly 500 HP in power output using a combined mechanical system with a gasoline engine and an electric motor. Each vehicle in the series has some slightly different amenities to set it apart from its peers, too.


The Aviator starts off the Grand Touring lineup with many impressive features. It has the same engine and mechanical configuration as the other vehicles in its family. With the Grand Touring comes an engine that reaches about 494 HP in power output. It has a powerful torque output of 630 LB-FT. Along with providing plenty of power, this engine gives you 21 miles of all-electric range. Several features are available for the Aviator, too, including a tow package, a lighting package, and a package that helps you safely tow heavier loads.

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Aviator Black Label

The Aviator Black Label is another hybrid vehicle available from Lincoln. The Black Label builds on the list of features that the Aviator offers with even more amenities to enjoy. With the Black Label also comes three rows of seats and a powerful engine. However, there are more options available for giving the Black Label a custom looking, including your choice of several themed interior designs for the cabin. The Black Label can be further enhanced with many packages, including an Illumination package that adds LED lighting and an Elements package that gives you more interior comfort for year-round enjoyment, such as heated seats and ventilated seats in the front row.


The Corsair is another hybrid in the Grand Touring family. The Corsair has a slightly smaller frame than the other two hybrid models, and it has a boost in electric range to 25 miles. The Corsair also comes with a quiet interior designed to block out ambient noise from the highway and other roads. Another feature that you'll get with the Corsair is an all-electric all-wheel drive powertrain, the first powertrain of its kind from Lincoln. The electric powertrain gives the Corsair superior performance and acceleration. The Corsair can also be further enhanced inside and out if you choose to add some of the packages offered for the other Grand Touring models.