Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

Although the holiday season may be winding down, the start of a new year is the perfect time to consider getting a new car. The new year brings updates and changes for many of your favorite Lincoln cars. You may even discover a new model altogether that catches your eye. Whether you have a Lincoln in mind already that you'd like to learn more about, or you are just starting your search for your next car, our dealership is here to help you get behind the wheel of your dream car. While there are some broader search parameters that you'll want to keep in mind, such as your budget, we have a guide to help you understand the options available and choose the right Lincoln based on your needs.

Family Size

Lincoln vehicles range widely in size and seating capacity. Smaller vehicles may be well-suited for a small family of four to five, but larger families will want to look at cars with a greater seating capacity for eight or more. Regardless of seating capacity, you will want to make sure there is plenty of legroom and headroom in the car that you choose, too. If interior space is a priority, but you don't need a full third row of seats, ask us about Lincoln models or trim levels with a captain's chair seating arrangement with ample seating and frees up some volume for storage and moving around in the cabin. Seating versatility is another consideration, such as whether or not the back-row seats will fold flat to provide more cargo space if you need it.

Your Activities

Ranging from luxurious to adventurous, there is virtually no place that your Lincoln can't go. However, some vehicles are better suited for certain activities than others. If you like the thought of going on long road trips or you plan to drive off the beaten path on weekend adventures, a performance-oriented Lincoln model or trim is a good choice. If city driving or commuting is more your style, a Lincoln that emphasizes comfort and luxury is a better option. Remember that there are usually options available for adding creature comforts, upgrades, safety aids, and technology through trim upgrades or packages.

Driving Habits

Performance is an important part of your Lincoln. You may be happy with a base engine that minimizes fuel consumption while providing sufficient power for daily driving. If you want a powerhouse, consider getting a Lincoln with a more powerful engine for a racetrack-ready feel.

Reach out to us today for help finding your dream Lincoln in 2021.