The Gatehouse  

When women are victims of domestic violence, divorce, or sexual abuse, they sometimes face tragic hardships while raising children. It's hard to deny that women and children often get left behind when they're in a disadvantaged situation. Who can help?

Mission of The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse was founded to help women and children suffering from a tragic or difficult life situation. The organization's 61-acre campus is home to women who want to get "a hand up for permanent change." They bring their children with them and begin to take advantage of all the benefits the program has to offer. The Gatehouse considers the "at-risk" situations for each woman who seeks help.

At-risk situations are life events such as divorce, underemployment, drug addiction, abuse, and other situations that put women and children at risk. The goal is always "permanent, positive change." Housing is provided to program participants. The housing environment is never one of restriction. It's one that's meant to expand your horizons and let you live life on the outside to the fullest.

Woman running through a meadow

Women participating in this program can work in full-time career-building jobs while still having a haven to go to after work at The Gatehouse program. They receive financial services and begin to pay down debt and get their economic life in order. Legal services for issues like child custody might also be provided, helping a woman guard her role in raising her child. And there's always a role for physical and emotional health, whether it's counseling or seminars and activities that build physical health. There's a lot to do when you're at The Gatehouse, and it's all focused on building a better life for women and children.

Learn More

You can learn more about The Gatehouse by visiting their enlightening site. It details their role in the lives of women in need.