Lincoln Technology  

Lincoln's Take on Tech

The Lincoln brand is one of the first to view technology through the lens of luxury. We usually associate luxury with features like perforated leather seating or a highly adjustable memory driver's seat with massage. Lincoln transformed how we view luxury when they began incorporating their silky smooth connected devices in their luxury interiors.

Most Impressive Lincoln Technology

What's Lincoln's most luxurious technology all about? It's a blend of touchscreen infotainment system platforms, superior premium audio systems, and convenience technology. Luxury makes you feel special and at ease with the world. Lincoln's technology does the same thing for you.

Touchscreen infotainment Systems

These large displays have been a part of Lincoln's vehicles for over a decade now. They connect you via Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, allowing you to blend your smartphone tech with your in-dash tech. Lincoln Sync 3 works with your dash to give you things like over 30,000 Skills. Now that's a luxury you can live with.

Head-Up Displays

These convenient displays use your windshield as a screen. You'll see information like your speed limit, next direction, and current speed flash before your eyes in an ergonomic and safe place on your driver's windshield. The world of your Lincoln is right in front of your eyes, meaning you never have to take your eyes off the road to be knowledgeable during your journey.

Revel Audio

Models like the Navigator have used crystal clear Revel audio for years. This premium system is a departure from what most regular auto companies use for their vehicles. This scientific-minded audio brand uses Clari-Fi technology and listening modes to bring a bold auditory experience to every Lincoln brand vehicle. The brand also uses QuantumLogic Surround sound for optimal listening environments.

Safety Tech

This one is listed last, but it's the first type of technology that Lincoln focuses on in every model. Today, your Lincoln models are smart enough to brake, steer, and accelerate for themselves when the situation calls for it. When you're in a tricky jam on the road, your Lincoln brand car can take over and be the brains of the operation.

Learn More from our Dealership

Lincoln's technology continues to grow bolder and more valuable as time goes by. Our dealership is proud to give full demonstrations of any Lincoln technology you're curious about. Give us a call to learn more or stop by to see what's new in modern Lincoln tech. You won't be disappointed.