Lincoln Nautilus  

Safety is an important part of purchasing or leasing a vehicle, and that's why Grapevine Lincoln is happy to announce that the Lincoln Nautilus has recently received a Top Safety Pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This award was given to the Nautilus thanks to the vehicle meeting several safety requirements set forth by the IIHS. Six crash tests were performed on current vehicles, and excellent ratings were given to the Nautilus in six of the different categories. These crash tests take a thorough look at how a vehicle is impacted when a crash occurs to the vehicle's front, side, back, and other areas. The interior of the vehicle is taken into consideration as well, including the head restraints and airbag deployment. Not only do these crash tests focus on how the Nautilus was affected during an impact, but the pedestrian impact was also considered.

Lincoln Nautilus Exterior

The Nautilus was reviewed for the award thanks to it being constructed after March of 2021. Lincoln had recently made some changes to the headlight design on the Nautilus, which resulted in a lower amount of glare. The two trim levels that performed the best were the Black Label trim and the Reserve trim level when the Ultimate Package was included. There are LED projector headlights included in these trim levels. The other headlight options that are available did not perform well enough to be considered for the award.

We encourage you to set up an appointment at Grapevine Lincoln if you would like to check out the latest version of the Lincoln Nautilus for yourself. One of our sales team members can walk you through the different safety features (including the headlight options). We'll also talk to you a bit about what you add to your vehicle in the way of different optional safety features.