Lincoln Continental Wins Best CPO Value Award  

Lincoln Continental was announced as the Vincentric 2023 best CPO value award. The luxury sedan has proven its worth over the years.

This latest award is just another testament to its excellence.

The Lincoln Continental Wins Big

Lincoln Continentals have always been luxurious cars. When they were discontinued in 2020, they became even more valuable in the used car market. These cars are comfortable, stylish, and elegant, representing excellent value for the money. You can find used Continentals for sale at various prices, so you're sure to find one that fits your budget. The Lincoln Continental is worth considering.

The Lincoln Continental has been named the Best CPO Value Award for the 2023 model year by Vincentric. This prestigious award is given to vehicles that provide the best value for certified pre-owned models. The Continental was praised for its high quality and low cost of ownership.

Ford Motor Company took home top honors, with the Lincoln Continental winning the top prize in the large luxury sedan category. The Ford Expedition, the Transit Connect, and the Ford Escape PHEV also won top honors.

The Lincoln MKX and the Ford F-150 came out on top of the luxury mid-size SUV and full-size half-ton pickup segments. The F-150 has won seven times. They both have unique features and are sure to make your driving experience great.

To determine the winners of the Vincentric Best CPO Value in America Awards for 2023, Vincentric did a statistical analysis to see which vehicles had a lower ownership cost. The study considered depreciation, fees and taxes, fuel, and financing costs.

The award winners were the models with the lowest ownership costs in their respective market segments.

To help you make the best decision, we evaluated the cost of CPO vehicles from different manufacturers, considering the specific warranty.

We looked at CPO vehicles for each manufacturer. Then, we calculated the cost of a CPO vehicle, assuming you would drive it for five years at 15,000 miles a year.

We found that the cost of a CPO vehicle varies depending on the manufacturer.

However, after incorporating the manufacturer's warranty, we found that the price difference was much smaller when we looked at the cost of a CPO vehicle.

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