Introducing The Lincoln Star Concept Electric Vehicle  

Recently, Lincoln has begun to test its Lincoln Start EV project. It's testing for features, design, and more before EV options come out from Lincoln.

Lincoln Star

The idea is for Lincoln to redefine its brand and begin to make a type of vehicle unlike what it's had before. The new Lincoln Star EV will be Lincoln's first EV vehicle ever. It will also be one of the first vehicles to use the Ford architecture that it's just developed specifically for electric vehicles of the future.

There will likely be several innovative changes for this vehicle to test out. One of the big ones is removing the grill from the Lincoln. After all, that was originally specified for combustion engine vehicles.

There's also an idea to try out the see-through trunks concept. These will certainly be ideas that no other manufacturer is currently trying, so you might see it first through Lincoln. The Lincoln Star is also hoping to sit somewhere between the SUV and sedan concepts.

More Evs

Lincoln is planning on making three more EV options by the deadline of 2025. A fourth EV should come out by 2026. The Star won't be any of these vehicles. Its purpose is more to test the new ideas that are coming out to see how they work and how they are received. It should also be able to help generate some public interest, so people know about everything coming out after.

The see-through front trunk idea has some thought behind it and isn't just a random thing. The idea is that the front truck will be made of electro-chromatic glass. So, as a result, the trunk will be more transparent while the vehicle is in motion. Natural light will then be able to get in from the back, which will make for a pleasantly lit cabin and a more pleasant drive generally.

Other ideas include the single pedal for a one-pedal drive that many EV options have so they get more out of the regenerative brakes. You will also get video screens throughout the dashboard, as well as rear video and some 3D printed metal.

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