What Does the Lincoln Car Logo Stand For?  

The Lincoln car logo is a rather famous one by now, considering how long it's been used. It doesn't appear that anyone knows exactly why the logo is the way it is, but there are a lot of theories based on the history of the logo.


The vertical rectangle-like logo with the long cross inside has become a symbol of luxury over the years. The story started when the Lincoln Motor Company was first started way back in 1917 by Henry M Leland, who was an engineer. He was one of the co-founders of Cadillac, but he split from them not long after. He created the company during world war 1 to build aircraft engines for the liberty craft and went from aircraft to automobiles after the war. Ford bought the company shortly after.

The company was named for Abraham Lincoln, one of Leland's heroes. People have come up with a theory that Leland's emblem is meant to be a compass that has hands pointed at the world's four corners. The idea is that the Lincoln automobile will be spread across the globe. Other people say that instead, the Lincoln Star called it mimicking a star to demonstrate how Lincoln is full of glamor and light. Some people say that the emblem is just random and doesn't have any meaning to it.

The explanation that people seem to accept the most is the one that speaks to the :Continental: star, which was used in the 1950s when the Lincoln and Continental car lines combined. Still, another one states that it's based on a coat of arms that the brand used in the 30s to emulate a red cross and put it inside of a shield. Whichever version is the truth of the Abraham Lincoln-inspired logo coming out of world war 1, Lincoln has come to mean luxury now.

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