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Are There Any Benefits To Leasing A Lincoln MKX?

Getting a new vehicle is one of the most exciting decisions you will ever have to make. However, making the choice between a loan purchase and leasing can be daunting to most. Most people go for the traditional 'buying' method because it looks simpler on paper but end up regretting in the long run. Having looked at both plans extensively, it is our expert opinion that leasing not only gives you better value for your money but also affords you more freedom. We discuss a few of the many advantages of leasing a vehicle.

Lower Monthly Payments

You only pay for what you use when you lease a vehicle. That simply means that you only purchase a portion of the value and not the whole car since you are not investing in ownership equity. The result is that you will pay about 30%-60% less per month when you lease than if you were buying the same car on loan.

No Down Payment

You can choose not to make a down payment, therefore, preserving your cash for other uses. In the event that you have to make a down payment, it is usually lower than the upfront cash outlays on loans. Most dealerships allow the lessees to drive off with their new vehicles after making the first month's payment and paying the registration and official tag fees.

Drive Classier

As stated earlier, monthly lease payments are lower than loan payments. Therefore, you can drive a luxury car while paying the same amount as you would if you purchased a budget vehicle on loan.

Low Maintenance Costs

Leasing allows you to drive a new vehicle every few years. Thus, the vehicles are in their tip-top conditions. In the event of a malfunction, you still enjoy the original manufacturer's warranty. Also, most dealerships offer complimentary routine checks and maintenances for the duration of the lease.

Lower Sales Tax

Most U.S. states only charge sales tax on the portion of the value used by the lessee. Furthermore, the states spread out the tax such that drivers do not feel the brunt. This is not the case with loan purchases which requires buyers to pay the sales tax upfront.

More Freedom

After the lease period expires, lessees can either go for another set of wheels or buy the same vehicle in its depreciated value. You do not have to worry about fluctuations or market changes when you lease a vehicle because you can take it back and walk away as soon as you are done with it. Hence, leasing gives you the freedom that car buyers do not enjoy.

GAP Coverage

Most lease agreements come with free “gap” protection. The protection pays off the deficit if your insurance provider fails to cover the whole loss in case of an accident or theft. When you purchase a car on loan, you will have to pay for the GAP protection separately.

How Can I Learn More About Leasing A Lincoln MKX?

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