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Does Your Suspension Need Service?

There are many signs that the suspension on your car is worn out and needs to be looked at by a mechanic. If your car is bouncing around on roads or bottoming out when you drive over bumps, you might want to get it looked at by the mechanics at Grapevine Lincoln.

Worn out suspension can also affect the steering, and you might find yourself fighting your car to keep it moving in a straight line. Ball joints, tie-rod ends, and bushing can all get worn out over time and require replacement. 

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How Your Underinflated Tires Are Costing You Money

When the tires on your car do not have enough air, they can create a rougher ride while you are driving. However, your underinflated tires can also cost you money.

When your tires are underinflated, the edges of the sidewalls come into contact with the pavement. Since there is no tread on the sidewalls, these areas wear down more quickly, requiring you to buy tires more often.

However, replacing worn out tires is not the only extra expense underinflation causes. When your tires do not have enough air, they drag on the road. This dragging makes your engine work harder…

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Come Discover What The 2019 Lincoln MKC Has to Offer

There are a number of things that drivers look for when they set out to find their next SUV. Squarely on that list are the design features and how they make the vehicle more appealing to own. The 2019 Lincoln MKC is a crossover SUV that comes with features that drivers can appreciate.

The 2019 MKC has a design sensibility that makes it stand out. Among its feature set is approach detection. 

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