Lincoln All Wheel Drive Vs. Four Wheel Drive


Many of the vehicles on the market today have a variety of features. You may be able to choose between AWD and 4WD depending on the model you're looking at. Some people mistakenly believe that these are the same thing, but they are not. Though understanding the differences between the two can be difficult, let's go over each of these systems to make an informed decision about which vehicle is best for you.

What Exactly is All-Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drive means that the vehicle's powertrain powers both the front and rear wheels. There is a full-time AWD option that continuously moves all four wheels. A part-time system operates primarily in two-wheel drive mode but will switch to AWD when traction is required.

The AWD feature works without the driver having to do anything to engage the system, though a few models on the market offer more control options. A set of differentials, couplings, and clutches will distribute torque to all four wheels.

What Exactly is Four-Wheel Drive?

Four-wheel drive is a feature found in larger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. It transfers power to all four wheels via a set of differentials in the front, center, and rear and transfer cases and couplings.

The 4WD design will send torque to all of your vehicle's wheels as needed, and it is available in full-time and part-time mode, just like AWD. When driving, you can also select between low and high ranges. This is usually accomplished through the use of an electronic switch or a lever. A low setting provides the most traction, whereas a high setting is beneficial for road surfaces that are only slightly slick, such as sand, snow, or gravel.

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