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You may wonder why your car gives an unusual smell while your friends' have a refreshing fragrance of vanilla or flowers. Vehicles generally operate using various fluids and running electric systems. Therefore, the potential for your car to generate awful smells is high. Here, it's quite easy to identify the things causing your car to smell with our list of common strange car smells and what they could mean.

Burned Rubber

The smell of burned rubber can be brought about by various issues. The most common reason is because of the gasket oil leaks. When a gasket or gasket seal fails, this may lead to oil leakage. When the oil lands on the hot surface, it produces the burnt rubber smell.

Burned Carpet

This type of smell is often associated with when the brakes get problems. By extensively using your car brakes, the overheating of the car brakes could cause the burned carpet smell. It also usually happens when imposing a lot of pressure on the brakes for a prolonged period. If you notice this smell, visit your mechanic to check on the condition of your breaks.

Gym Clothes

When you get into your car, turn on the AC, and this odor immediately strikes you, the main culprit is the air condition system. It is caused by the mildew growing in the moisture condensing inside the A/C evaporator. The simplest way to get rid of this issue is to run the fan on high for a mile or two so that the system dries out.


The smell of syrup indicates that there is a leaking coolant somewhere in your car. If the odor is outside your vehicle, it most likely means that your coolant antifreeze is leaking in the engine compartment. Coolant leaks lead to significant engine damage, and it is much better to have it checked out before things get out of hand.

Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs can hardly go unnoticed or overlooked. The smell of rotten eggs is due to the hydrogen sulfide compound that is present in the fuel. Usually, the compound is converted to sulfur dioxide with no smell. If you can recognize this smell, then your converter is malfunctioning, and it needs to be inspected.

If your car produces these or any other unusual scents, contact us or visit our Lincoln dealership in Grapevine today for proper diagnosis and servicing.


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