Lincoln Battery Replacement

Do you know the signs of a failing battery? Learn them in this video.

The battery of your car is relatively low maintenance. Even though it may not need constant attention, it's dangerous if your car battery ends up failing while you are on the road. The battery helps start up you engine, so if the battery fails, you could end up stuck somewhere. But you can avoid the risk of a dead car by getting the battery regularly serviced and changed at Grapevine Lincoln. Keep reading to learn about how to keep your luxury Lincoln on the road with a battery that won't quit on you.

Checking and Changing a Car Battery

The standard car battery in Grapevine lasts for around three years, or up to around five years. This time frame is with regular maintenance and taking good care of your car. Without proper car maintenance, a battery can be more at risk for failure and you could find yourself replacing it often, which can become costly.

There are several signs that battery failure may be imminent:

  • The check battery light appears on your dashboard
  • Excessive heat has caused the battery case to swell
  • The engine cranks slowly or doesn't start
  • Low battery fluid

If you notice any of these signs, it is a good time to get service at Grapevine Lincoln.

How to Make Your Battery Last Longer

There are practices that can help your battery last the full three to five years or help avoid battery failure. It is easy to maintain the health of a car battery with these tips:

    Lincoln Batter Service, Grapevine, TX
  • Keep Your Battery Clean
    Car batteries corrode; it is a normal condition of regular use. But if you let the corrosion residue of the battery linger there, it can damage your car and hurt the life of your battery. So, controlling the condition of the battery terminal can help the health of the battery.
  • Avoid Frequent Short Trips
    Taking many short trips can prevent the battery from completely recharging. This can erode the lifespan of the battery faster than taking regular longer drives.
  • Remember to Turn Off All Of Your Lights
    It is a common bit of advice, if you want to avoid a dead battery, make sure you turn off all of the lights, interior and exterior, or you may end up with a dead battery.
  • Get Regular Maintenance
    The best way to get your battery to last longer is to make sure it gets a regular check up. The team at Grapevine Lincoln will check battery fluid, corrosion and the charge of your battery to make sure it is in the right condition to keep you on the road.

Service and Car Battery Replacement Near Me

You can trust the service team at Grapevine Lincoln with the service and replacement of your car battery. Take the stress away from yourself and let the service center at our dealership in Grapevine take a look at your battery and find the battery that fits your car perfectly. We will provide great service and help you avoid car failure. Drive a safe car by getting your luxury vehicle regularly checked out by the team at Grapevine Lincoln.

Make an appointment online today to get great service at Grapevine Lincoln. We are dedicated to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


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