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Lincoln AC Repair in Grapevine, TX

You wouldn't let your home's air conditioning remain broken, so why would you let your car's? Besides making you hot, sweaty, and miserable, a malfunctioning AC system can actually cause problems for your car, too. Whenever even a small component in the system breaks, it puts pressure on the other system parts to work harder. Eventually, the other parts get worn out, and they can eventually break. This means you may go from having to repair or replace one simple part to replacing many more components! Furthermore, some issues, like leaking refrigerant fluid, can damage the engine and leave you with significant repairs. While you might not be able to diagnose and fix the AC system's problems yourself, you can try to narrow in on the problem by looking for certain symptoms.

Does your car's interior seem damp or smell old and musty?

Along with cooling the air in the cabin, one of your car's air conditioning system's jobs is to clean and dry the air in the car. Over time, you might notice that the interior of the car never fully dries out. This may be combined with a foul odor coming from the vents when you turn the AC on. If it seems like there is more moisture than usual in the car, it may mean that there is a clog somewhere in the AC system that's preventing air from coming through. The moisture will continue to collect over time, and it can eventually cause problems like rusting and corrosion. Excess moisture accumulations may also invite the growth of bacteria or micro-organisms. This phenomenon, called “sick car” syndrome, occurs when too much moisture collects in the vents or other components. If the problem continues without being fixed, the bacteria can grow quickly. If you think this is the problem you're dealing with, bring your car into a certified mechanic, like our team at Grapevine Lincoln, for repairs. A knowledgeable mechanic can thoroughly clean the system and eliminate the bacteria, but only before it's too late!

Do you notice oil or water below the car?

Fluid leaks are one of the most obvious indicators of an AC system problem. There are two types of fluid that can collect under the car from a faulty AC system. The first is refrigerant fluid, which is typically cooled as it moves through the AC system. The properly cooled refrigerant fluid is then pumped into the cabin as cold air. If the refrigerant fluid is leaking, you may very well notice a puddle of oily fluid collecting under the car. If you see a pool of water under the car, however, it may mean that a part has iced over and is now thawing out. This can happen if there's a blockage in the system, or if too much refrigerant fluid is put into the reservoir. Another sign that you might have a frozen AC system component is if cold air blows out intermittently as you're driving.

Is the air that's coming out of the AC vents warm, not cold?

Lincoln AC RepairIf the air that's flowing out of the AC system is warm or only moderately cool, the problem might be mechanical. A condenser that's not working properly is a common reason why warm air starts suddenly blowing out of an AC unit. The condenser cools refrigerant fluid as it enters the AC system, which then turns into cold air and flows into the cabin. The condenser relies on several components, namely coils and fans, to turn the fluid from a warm liquid into cold air. If the coils break, they can't change the refrigerant fluid's temperature. If the fans or the fan motors stop working, cold air won't circulate to the cabin.


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